3D Hydraulic Configurator

3D web configurator for E-commerce of hydraulic products: Hydraulic Cylinders, Pipes and Fittings, Hydraulic Pumps


This 3d web configurator is integrated into the company’s e-commerce. The customer can configure and purchase very quickly and effectively. It is a very powerful tool for buying and using. The configurator is divided into 3 macro areas: Hydraulic Cylinders, Pipes and Fittings, Hydraulic Pumps. It covers the entire company production.

This configurator is an ideal tool to customize products that have many technical features to be included. Each individual customer can be satisfied for their needs, optimizing communication times and facilitating sales.

All products are managed by type of model and related characteristics, each of which is linked to its specific price and all configuration steps are connected to each other with a guided system, which includes or excludes other parameters. The configurator is totally custom and exactly reflects the company’s modus operandi, providing the customer with the best solution in terms of experience and product quality.

Technology : WebGL

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The 3D configurator is the ideal tool to customize the product and meet the needs of each individual customer

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