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The difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality still causes a lot of confusion. Let’s do some clarity by explaining it in simple words.

Augmented Reality adds digital information, in real time, to the environment in which we find ourselves. This information, with which we can interact, can be 3D models, graphic info, videos, animations, audio guides, etc … The addition of digital content allows you to have a more in-depth knowledge of the space that we have surrounds, such integration therefore produces an “enrichment” of the reality from which the term AR (augmented reality) derives.

Augmented reality can be implemented in various ways and using various types of devices, the most common one is certainly on Smartphones and Tablets, where, through the camera, you can see the environment in which the user is enriched with all of them on the display additional information not present in the real world. Or using AR type Hololens visors, these are glasses to wear with a particular camera and a display, in which the additional information overlaps reality.

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Virtual Reality (abbreviated in VR from English Virtual Reality) by its own definition, simulates reality in a completely digital environment. Where real-time navigation and interaction with objects in space is possible. They are real immersive and interactive experiences, which can be lived through the use of VR Visors.

Virtual reality projects the user in any place, allowing him to live adventures and experiences in first person, breaking down any geographical barrier. In practice, virtual reality is a technology that allows you to totally immerse the user in a new world or in a new space. It is certainly one of the experiences that leaves its mark and a unique emotion for the user.

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